Sign Up Your Group - FREE 60 DAY TRIAL


We believe that you will find Refur so useful in running your group, we will give you unlimited free access to it for 60 days, to allow you to set up your group, use the system and allow your group to see how it will help them.

Please complete this form and we will be in touch to arrange things. Refur is run by humans in New Zealand. We do things personally to make sure you get the most from the package. And, after all, like networking, it is all about building a lasting relationship.

One thing we do ask is that you have a discussion about Refur within your group before you request a trial. By getting everyone on board and interested before you start your group, you will benefit more from the system. We do offer support materials and training systems as you use the site, so you will not be alone.

Information Leaflet

To help you to promote Refur to your group we have created an Information Leaflet. You can download the PDF and either email it to your group members, or print it out to take to your next meeting. Click Here