Any Questions?


Refur has been built and tested to make running your networking group easier and improve your member's ability to send referrals more quickly and plan their recon meeting effectively, among other great features. Please see below for some of the more commonly asked questions from Refur users. If you need more information click here to send us an email.

  • How easy it is to use??

    The $54000 question. We have refined refur over three years by using it with an active business working group in Hamilton New Zealand. The members are typical of every business working group in the world, and they have embraced refur and use it on a daily basis.

    Also, we have user manuals to help too.

  • Will our member's information be secure on refur?

    Yes. We only use secure hosting to ensure that your information remains private.

  • We already have a website to promote our group?

    Not a problem, all you do is give your members a link to your refur log in and they can use it without having the promotional site live.

  • I am an active member of two business networking groups, can refur give me access to both?

    No, not from one log in (yet). refur has been designed to manage one networking group and its members. refur is constantly being developed and changed to suit the needs of our users.

  • Some members of my networking group don't use smartphones, can I still send them referrals?

    Yes. One of the features of refur is that it sends an email copy of the referral to you and the person you are referring. Those who don't have a smartphone are able to log into refur from their computer at home or in the office, so they can still benefit from using it. refur is device independent, there is no download required to use the system, you simply access refur from the internet.

  • How does my group join?

    Signing up to refur is quick and easy. We offer a free 60 day trial with no obligation to your group. Click here to sign up and get things started