My Dashboard

This system has been written to explain how to use the functionality in your Group’s installation of the Refur Networking Group Management System.

All items with a (V) symbol in their title indicate there is a video guide in this section to demonstrate how to conduct the action it covers.

It is best for you to simply log in and have a look at the 'My Dashboard' area of the website to see the functions you can use. These include.

  • Sending Referrals to your fellow members
  • Requesting a Recon Meeting with your fellow members
  • Viewing the previous meeting reports
  • Viewing the upcoming speaker's rota
  • Editing your details (and adding information for your biography)
  • Download Resources
  • Email the Group - using a simple text-based mass email system
  • View the details of the members of the group
We believe that the features and functions of refur are self-explanatory and easy to use. If you do find difficulty with any function that you don’t understand please email us on [email protected] – remember to tell us what group you are a member of and the URL of the page causing you concern.


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We are always adding new lessons and explanations to this manual. As well as information about the system and hints and tips for using it, we will also add Networking Education ideas from My Networking Coach to help you to become a more effective business networker.