My Dashboard

This system has been written to explain how to use the functionality in your Group’s installation of the Refur Networking Group Management System.

All items with a (V) symbol in their title indicate there is a video guide in this section to demonstrate how to conduct the action it covers.

It is best for you to simply log in and have a look at the 'My Dashboard' area of the website to see the functions you can use. These include.

  • Sending Referrals to your fellow members
  • Requesting a Recon Meeting with your fellow members
  • Viewing the previous meeting reports
  • Viewing the upcoming speaker's rota
  • Editing your details (and adding information for your biography)
  • Download Resources
  • Email the Group - using a simple text-based mass email system
  • View the details of the members of the group
We believe that the features and functions of refur are self-explanatory and easy to use. If you do find difficulty with any function that you don’t understand please email us on [email protected] – remember to tell us what group you are a member of and the URL of the page causing you concern.