Refur Benefits

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Member & Group Admin In One Package

The Refur NGMS is a self-contained cloud-based system that allows for the effective management of a networking group. It allows the administration and tracking of both member and meeting, it provides reports to help management to understand the meetings statistics and member attendance and activity.

  • Member Management
  • Group Management
  • Embeds into your website
Refur links various automatic features such as a member directory directly into your WordPress or other website. It has been developed using the experience of being involved in Networking Groups across the world to give an effective management function.

Helping your members network more effectively

The aim of refur is to provide your membership with a practical and usable system that they use as second nature to work with their fellow group members. It is packed with tried and tested features including:

  • Send a referral from a mobile phone, desktop or pad using a simple form.
  • Manage referrals received.
  • Request Recon meetings with other meetings.
  • Manage Recon records with notes.
  • Edit their contact details, so everything is up to date.
  • Email based password recovery to save on administration.
  • No App to install - the cloud-based system runs on any internet connected device - pad, smartphone or desktop computer - on any operating system.
  • Edit their company profile for promotional listing on site, which can link to their website.
  • See when they are due to do their next presentation to the group and review past dates.
  • View their attendance records (view self-absences and substitutions).

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Essential Reports and KPI

The administration features allow you to manage the membership of the group and keep track of group and member activity to use in weekly / monthly reporting.

Membership Management
  • Membership dues renewal tracking and reporting.
  • Members and committee notified in advance of upcoming renewals.
  • No App to install - the cloud-based system runs on any internet connected device - pad, smartphone or desktop computer - on any operating system.
  • Member management - Add / Edit / Delete and Suspend memberships.
  • Referrals - Add / Edit / Delete on behalf of members.
  • Recon Requests - Add / Edit / Delete on behalf of members.
Meeting Management
  • Plan Presenters schedule - with weekly email to remind membership of upcoming speakers.
  • No need for printed reports. Reports can be viewed 'live' on phones, pads and laptops
  • Meeting Reports - Record who was there, who was not there, who sent a substitute, who lead the meeting, who was the presenter, who visited and other noteworthy occurrences for the meeting.
  • Committee Management and Membership.
Meeting Reports
  • View Referrals given between members.
  • View Recon Meetings conducted between members.
  • View Membership renewal listing for upcoming renewals.
  • Meeting Reports can be completed in 'real time' at your meeting using your pad, phone or laptop.
  • View Attendance & Substitution Report for group and members.

Use with your existing site, or choose from one of our templates.

Many networking groups have website designers who build very effective promotional sites using a system like WordPress, Refur works in conjunction with these existing sites to enhance the online presence of your group.

Refur allows you to have

  • Upcoming speakers roster.
  • Member listings, managed by the members themselves
  • Group committee structures

No Website, No Worries

If your group doesn't have a website yet, no worries, We have a selection of WordPress sites built and ready to go. All your group needs to do is add the content about your group and you have a fully functional promotional and control website.

Refur, when used with your existing WordPress website, is just $300 USD per year to use, which is less than $20 USD per member per year if you have 25 members - click here to view our transparent pricing structure

Or click here to set up a free trial of Refur