Full access to Refur for 12 months is $500 USD. If you have 30 members in your group it is just under $17 per person, per year.

Refur reduces the admin hassle from your group and means your members pay a very low fee for a service that helps them to become better networkers. Click here to set up a free trial of Refur

Where's the 'Box'?

We have all had meetings in our groups where John has forgotten to bring the admin box, or Mary is sick and it is in her car at home. These meetings tend to be a little flat because most of the material needed to make the meeting run smoothly is missing.

This can be avoided with Refur

By putting the management functions of your group in Refur, you have access to them instantly from anywhere, your members can check their activity easily and you do not need to worry about the 'Box' anymore.

Click here to set up a free trial of Refur