Awards and Recognition

Awards and Recognition

Best Presentation Awards
To help raise the quality and effectiveness of the presentations conducted by the membership, it is often the practice to have the Best Presenter Award given out at each meeting. In some meetings I’ve attended, this as a verbal award where the winner of the award from the last meeting chooses the winner in this meeting. Some groups have a physical award given each week, sometimes passed on each week from member to member, sometimes purchased and retained by the winner each week.

Most Referrals Given
As a way of sharing the activity that the group is generating regarding referrals, many groups have a monthly Most Referrals Given Award. This is given to the member who has passed the most referrals to other people.

Most Recon Meetings
This award is presented monthly to the person who has been to visit and learn about the most members in the group.

Non-Judgmental Punishments
Many groups have a member who is tasked with policing the meeting about ensuring people are wearing name badges should this be required, stay within the time constraints of their presentations, and act professionally. This role is often described as a 'Judge' or 'Sheriff' and can be an important part of the group’s meeting. I have seen many groups where the Judge fines people for minor infractions of the rules, and also for mistakes they make during their presentations (or generally for having the wrong colour T-shirt on), often in a very comical way. This helps to build humour into a meeting and strengthens the bonds within the chapter members.

Yearly Awards
Many groups have annual or bi-annual out of meeting get-togethers where they meet in a non-business situation to celebrate their friendships. At these meetings, it is often the practice to have annual awards for members which allow for the punitive use of statistics on referrals and legal meetings. These meetings often also have comedy categories and awards.