• Effective Networking Group Management

    Do you struggle to manage your group effectively? refur will help you.
    • Manage Memberships
    • Create Meeting Reports
    • Promote your group
    • Stop wasting time
    refur - making networking easy.
  • Send Referrals Now!

    Build closer connections between your group members by using refur to send referrals to them by email.

    refur - Why wait till breakfast?

  • Cloud Based Networking Group Management

    Quick, simple and effective Networking Group Management, use refur to keep track of memberships, Referrals, presentations and more. Cloud based refur can also be used to promote your Networking Group and attract members.
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  • Referring Made Easy

    refur makes it easy for your members to send each other referrals. When they see a need, they can can send the referral instantly. They can then use
    refur to get feedback on the quality of the referral sent.

    refur - helping you to help others.

Simple Effective Networking Group Management

Developed as a result of 18 years of being involved in and helping to manage Networking Groups, refur has been designed to make the management of a Networking Group easy, without clutter getting in the way. It is packed with simple and practical tools to help you and your membership to become more effective networkers. Features include;


Referrals The Power To Give

Members send referral quickly and easily from their phone, pad or computer. By doing this from their mobile phone your members become, more effective referrers.

Referrals online app
Effective business networking by easy communication with your contacts

Members Stay Connected

One centralized contact list of members means your members have the right information about each other as each member can keep their details current.


Simple Membership Management

refur tracks renewals, referrals and recon meetings, with easy to understand reports.

Simple and easy to use, the refur diary allows you to add single and multiple dates with ease
Build strong connections within your business networking group

Networks Your Team

Use the many features of refur to communicate easily and build a strong network.


Recon Meetings Know More, Give More

Recons, Dances, 1 to 1s, shouts, these meetings have many names. refur allows your members to plan and track their meetings effectively with other members.

Educate your network and learn about them with a structured programme of networking recon meetings
Plan your presentations to your networking groups in advance, work out the props you need and ensure you deliver the right message in the right way

Cloud Based Simplicity

Using refur, you will always have your group's information close at hand. No need to panic if someone forgets 'the box', all the information you need is in the cloud in refur.