Any Questions?

refur has been built and tested to make running your networking group easier and improve your member’s ability to send referrals more quickly and plan their recon meeting effectively, among other great features. Please see below for some of the more commonly asked questions from refur users. If you need more information click here to send us an email.

Common User Questions

No. but it works perfectly well on any smart mobile phone. 

It is a web based system. as your website is mobile friendly you can use the system on your cell phone easily. 

There aren’t many places where you are offline and cannot get a mobile connection. 

The $54000 question. We have refined refur over three years by using it with an active business working group in Hamilton New Zealand. The members are typical of every business working group in the world, and they have embraced refur and use it on a daily basis.

When you send a referral to another member of your chapter the system sends it as an email. 

But as well as that it records the referral within refur and allows you and the person you sent the referral to the ability to track the referral until it is completed. 

Yes. One of the features of refur is that it sends an email copy of the referral to you and the person you are referring. Those who don’t have a smartphone are able to log into refur from their computer at home or in the office, so they can still benefit from using it. refur is device independent, there is no download required to use the system, you simply access refur from the internet.

Group Managment Questions

Yes. There are many useful and insightful standard reports that can help you to manage membership and report stats and kpis to the group. 

Members also have access to their own statistics and reports so they can track their own activity and results. 

The system allows you to create reports for many things including Attendance, Referrals Sent, Recons Completed, Renewal of Membership, Weekly Meeting Reports, Absences and much more. 

Yes. We only use secure hosting to ensure that your information remains private.

If it is built in WordPress, not a problem, our system just ‘plug in’ to the WordPress system.

If you don’t have a website for your group we can help with that. We offer several free WordPress templates you can use to build your site and we can offer hosting of it as well. 

We offer a management system that will allow you to access the records of multiple refur accounts that your groups may be using. This means you can view reports and renewals , allowing you to manage your groups from one place. If you want to discuss this option please click here to send us an email.

The annual subscription for using the refur system is $200 USD.  This allows full access to all the facilities and functions that refur offers.

Included in the refur subscription is an Educator Access (usual cost $75 per year) to the networking education articles on

Additionally members of your group will be able to access all the material on for a reduced rate.

So for a group of 35 members that equates to just $8 per year.

So you can see how useful and practical refur is for your group we offer a 60 day obligation-free, cost-free trial.